Thread: need help on OpenFile()

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    need help on OpenFile()

    can anyone help give an example of this function for opening a file for reading access?

    I am new to this and want to avoid using fstream.h

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    OpenFile() has been superseded by CreateFile()
    This will return the HANDLE to a file given the path, including the name of the file. It will display a message box if it fails (with the error code).
    HANDLE	OpenDocument(HWND hDlg, char *sFilePath)
    	char				sBuffer[STRING];
    	int					iError=INVALID;
    	HANDLE				hFile;
    	if((hFile == NULL)||(hFile == INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE))
    		sprintf(sBuffer,"%s file failed to open with Error #:%d",sFilePath,iError);
    		return NULL;
    		return hFile;
    Look up the flags I have used as I want the file to be created if it does not exist and may want to write to it.
    Use Readfile() and SetFilePointer() to read data from the file.
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