Thread: USB camera interface using DirectShow

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    USB camera interface using DirectShow

    Im trying to figure out the directshow filters so that I can capture streaming images from a USB camera into a buffer. I already have my display code, and I want to edit the video with custom functions, so just telling windows to send it to a window is out of the question. The problem im having is that All the examples on the net are written in MFC, or set up as classes, which needless to say makes it unnecessarily difficult to follow the examples. I know this can be done in a dozen lines of code, but all the examples ive seen you have to constantly jump back and forth between member functions to try to follow what they are doing.

    So, can someone explain the steps I have to take to start getting images in my program?

    Spare me the links, I already looked at google, msdn, and searched old posts.

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    Hi abachler,

    I wonder if this web site would be of any use to you. It may be worth a look.



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