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    Lightbulb Changing file attributes?

    I would like to be able to change certain file attributes of existing files or set these file attributes before creating the the files from within my program. e.g. - the date of creation of a file.
    Can anybody point me in the right direction?

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    from msdn
    WIN32_FIND_DATA FileData; 
    HANDLE hSearch; 
    DWORD dwAttrs; 
    char szDirPath[] = "c:\\TEXTRO\\"; 
    char szNewPath[MAX_PATH]; 
    char szHome[MAX_PATH]; 
    BOOL fFinished = FALSE; 
    // Create a new directory. 
    if (!CreateDirectory(szDirPath, NULL)) 
        ErrorHandler("Couldn't create new directory."); 
    // Start searching for .TXT files in the current directory. 
    hSearch = FindFirstFile("*.txt", &FileData); 
    if (hSearch == INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE) 
        ErrorHandler("No .TXT files found."); 
    // Copy each .TXT file to the new directory 
    // and change it to read only, if not already. 
    while (!fFinished) 
        lstrcpy(szNewPath, szDirPath); 
        lstrcat(szNewPath, FileData.cFileName); 
        if (CopyFile(FileData.cFileName, szNewPath, FALSE))
            dwAttrs = GetFileAttributes(FileData.cFileName); 
            if (!(dwAttrs & FILE_ATTRIBUTE_READONLY)) 
                    dwAttrs | FILE_ATTRIBUTE_READONLY); 
            ErrorHandler("Couldn't copy file."); 
        if (!FindNextFile(hSearch, &FileData)) 
            if (GetLastError() == ERROR_NO_MORE_FILES) 
                MessageBox(hwnd, "No more .TXT files.", 
                    "Search completed.", MB_OK); 
                fFinished = TRUE; 
                ErrorHandler("Couldn't find next file."); 
    // Close the search handle. 
    if (!FindClose(hSearch)) 
        ErrorHandler("Couldn't close search handle."); 
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    I'm a total noob in win c++ programming.. where is this code to be placed? does it matter? can I have it in the OnInitDialog or`?

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