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    Application Focus

    I have created a simple console application that acts as a messenger between client and server (in fact there is a clinet.exe and a server.exe)..
    Now, I want it to play a sound sample if a message arrives and it does not have the focus
    (Something like what the MSN Live Messenger does) so as to get user's attention..
    I use the Beep() function to play the sound(ok it's kind of silly but i only do it for fun.. ) but i don't know how to detect if my application has the focus.
    May someone help please?
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    I think you want to check the foreground window rather than the focus, something like the following:
    HWND  hForegnd;
    DWORD pidWindow;
    hForegnd = GetForegroundWindow();
    GetWindowThreadProcessId(hForegnd, &pidWindow);
    if ( pidWindow != GetCurrentProcessId() )
        /* Play sound. */

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    That worked!
    Thanks a lot..

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