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    Side Scrolling

    Alright I know everybody is gonna tell me use DirectX for your game programming. I am not really writing a game for a school project I just wanna make a beginning to a side scrolling game in windows. So what I wanna do is have a window that you can scroll back and forth a bitmap with the arrow keys. CAn this be down. I don't want scroll bars or anything just have like a

    case WM_KEYDOWN:
    {scrollbitmap here}

    something like that it probably isn't the real thing and I don't even know if those are the right messages probably has somethings to do with lPararm and wParam but you get the point.


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    you have three posibilities,

    1. Windows GDI
    2. OpenGL
    3. Direct-X

    i personally recommend OpenGL, the GDI is slow and difficult to use, Direct-X just dont get me started...
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    In WIN32 API use some HDC's and ScrollDC()
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