Thread: LoadLibrary using the full path, not just the file name

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    LoadLibrary using the full path, not just the file name

    let me explain, because the last person who asked this got flamed for some reason about using a dll for illegitimate purposes, although i didnt see the problem with what he was asking. Im making a program which uses a plugin like archetecture, and I want to load a dll by its path name, however

        HINSTANCE hInstLibrary = LoadLibrary("C:\pathTo\dp_dummy.dll");
        if(hInstLibrary == NULL)
            wxString output;
            output.Printf("didnt Load");
            return 0;
    which returns didnt load. Ive tried pleanty of variation of that, such as using double \\, ommiting the C:, but i cant figure out how to load it.

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    Maybe call GetLastError() to find out why ?

    And yes, you'll need \\
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     if(hInstLibrary == NULL)
    Poinless to call FreeLibrary on the NULL handle
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