Thread: Exporting custom API's

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    Exporting custom API's

    Hey guys, I don't know how to explain this but what I'm trying to create an API that does the same thing as the original. For example: SendInput and my own will be MySendInput. I know it sound kinda lame -_-" The custom API will be in a DLL that is going to export it, so I can use in my programs.

    I'm not asking for a source code, just some help for accomplishing this


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    What's your question / what are you having troubles with ?

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    Make your functions in the DLL the way you would in your program script. Then use LoadLibrary() to get the DLL, and GetProcAddress() to get the function from the DLL. (Note that you will have to use the mangled function name found in the DLLs makefile.)

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