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    Win tutorials

    Does anyone have a extremely simple windows programming tutorial? I have looked at a few, but they don't explain things much, they just give you some source code.

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    is very popular....because it is very good.

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    great site thanks man. Gonna read those tutorials

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    in the tutorial, it said something about help files that contain all the parameters, or something like that. where can i get these?

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    msdn has a complete list of all fns and their parameters but can be a hassle to find things sometimes.

    There is an older winhelp version of win32 API fns that you can download. It can be found in different places. I think there is a link to it on the winprog site I mentioned above. I know there is a version of it somewhere on the lcc-win32 compiler site:

    take a look round there - lot's of good stuff to be found.

    Check out the resources pages at:

    And don't forget to check this site's various links and resources (cprogramming).

    Happy hunting.

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