Thread: Looking for "multilanguage tecnique"

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    Looking for "multilanguage tecnique"

    Hello, I'm developing an application with VisualC++, and I need to use strings in more than one language. Until now, I wrote only English text labels, controls or messages, directlyin the code. Now I must be able to show the same texts in other languages. I need this to be a runtime choice, also, so I can't only compile different versions.

    I don't know which could be the best solution....I'm wondering if I should use, for example, resource strings (and, in this case, HOW to use them), or make a global text buffer with strings in different languages having different offsets, or any other solution if possible.

    Thanks very much for any hint.

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    You can add into the resource text strings and later load them with LoadString. Also you use a INI file or XML files to store text string.
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