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    Windows application

    Can anyone tell me how to create windows applications? How do I need to start the source files, etc?

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    Most IDEs (say visual studio, dev-c++) come with a set of example template programs to display say "hello world" in a variety of ways.

    Create a new project, then select the kind of project you want (a windows program), then choose the example.
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    Create a new project, then select the kind of project you want (a windows program), then choose the example.
    I recently downloaded Visual Studio Express and they only had a starter template for Windows Console. You have to download the Platform SDK and set up the include paths before it will let you create Window Apps. You can still do it. It is just a little more work to set up and there is no starter template. They do have a nice video tutorial on their website that walks you through the process. The guy narrating it talks to you like your a little kid, but I think it is because it is aimed at complete beginners.
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    What IDE or compiler are you using? Dev-C++, MSVC, Code::Blocks, or what?
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    Quote Originally Posted by manofsteel972 View Post
    I recently downloaded Visual Studio Express and ...
    Yeah, I noticed this, VS Express does not come with a built in Win32 GUI template. there are a million and 2 windows skeletons out there, just google for one that isnt MFC

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    A good programmer keeps a backup of a native Win32 GUI skeleton
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    I personally think that Dev-CPP is a really good IDE for creating windows quickly. It comes with a win32 GUI skeleton built in.

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