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    Angry Visual Basic Adodc Problem

    I am a new comer in the Visual basic World and facing a critical problem.

    I have made a program using Visual Basic 6.0 and MS Access in the Back End. The MS Access version is Office XP. I have created a setup programme using Package and Setup Deployment.

    But When I run the Setup Program in another Computer, There is an Error Saying that The Msado20.tlb could not be read. and afterword the Programme doesn't work and shows a msg saying "Can not Create Object Adodc".

    It is a serious problem and i can't go forward because of that problem.

    But these problems doesn't crash in the computer with Visul Basic 6.0.

    Please Help Me.

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    .... look at the url in your browser now i think it should say "cprogramming" somewhere in there, anyway this is for C++ not VB lol, head over and post at

    You will get more vb people there.

    In relation to your question i think it is becasue they phraphs dont have the nessary vb run time files or somthing to do with OS compatibility.

    On second thoughts i would say it is most likly vb runtime files, the best way to fix this and this should be done by all vb pro programs, is to incorprate the runtime dlls and stuff into the setup that way the comp where it is being run on will have the files and will be able to create the objects.

    Sorry i cant help more,
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