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    I am currently having problems trying to print successfully to a text file via the

    GetDlgItemText(hWnd, NAME, name, sizeof(name) / sizeof(TCHAR));

    function. I have declared a TCHAR name[36] variable, and every time the function is executed above it prints out this

    面面面面面面面面面面面面面面面面面面面面面面面面面 面面面面面面面面面DWRER

    DWRER being a relative response. Does anyone know what could be wrong?

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    I think the problem is in the last param of the function.

    TCHAR name[36]; //this is the buffer for the text to be stored in
    //now execute the function
    GetDlgItemText(hWnd, NAME, name, sizeof(name));
    Thats how everything should look and that should work, the only other thing i can think of is that 36 chars may not be big enough to hold the string or maybe it is?, also make sure you are using this code inside your dialog proc function so you have the right handle for the first parameter (hwnd). And if it still dosnt work then im not sure but check that NAME is the correct ID and everything.... but as i say i think the code i gave you should fix it.

    Hope thats of some help,
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    that seems to have fixed the problem, thanks a lot :)

    damn, ive nothing to say now that ive said it all in the subject


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