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    LineTo() in XP

    Have any of you noticed that with LineTo() in XP, that when you change the pen, that the end of the line doesn't always move up? An additional MoveToEx() is sometimes required after I delete the pen. Could I be doing something wrong, or is this a quirk?

    Thanks in advance

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    I don't quite get what exactly goes wrong. The only thing I could think of is that you might have forgotten that you may not delete a pen that is still selected in a DC. You could post your code, for us to see if something's wrong.
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    Nevermind, I went to the laundramat and it came to me that RestoreDC() is the culprit. I didn't realize that the previous coordinate would be restored.

    That's anyway.

    Funny how that works though, the vacation from the computer that is. Just stopped thinking about it and it popped into my head on the way to do the laundry.

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