Thread: simple mouse movement program

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    simple mouse movement program

    Hey, this is my first time on the boards, and the first time back in programming for 3 years, so please bare with me here.
    I understand that I'm not supposed to ask someone to make a program for me, but i'm fairly incompetent as I've forgotten the majority... well actually, pretty much everything programming; so if someone could help me i'd really appreciate it.

    when the right mouse butten is pressed down
    set x1 and y1
    move mouse position down y-10 (i'll work that out myself)
    set x2 and y2
    left mouse button down
    left mouse button up
    return mouse position to x1 y1

    and then repeat whenever the right mouse button is clicked

    if you could help me i'd really appreciate it. thank you

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    still need help =)

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    1. Do the tutorial.
    2. Look up mouse_event, GetCursorPos and SetCursorPos in MSDN.
    3. Post your best effort which can be compiled.
    4. Someone might help you.

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    mouse_event() has been superseded. Use SendInput() instead.

    Also, (for future reference) don't bump your threads.

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