Thread: Raw Input Registration Problems, RegisterRawInputDevices()

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    Raw Input Registration Problems, RegisterRawInputDevices()


    I've never worked with raw input before and I'm having trouble even getting to a situation where I can receive WM_INPUT messages. I've been reading the MSDN page on raw input (link) but I'm having trouble deciphering what I actually need to do.

    Right now I have this code:

    	RAWINPUTDEVICE rawInputDevices;
    	rawInputDevices.hwndTarget     = 0;
    	rawInputDevices.usUsagePage    = 0x01;
    	rawInputDevices.usUsage        = 0;
    	rawInputDevices.dwFlags	       = RIDEV_PAGEONLY;
    	RegisterRawInputDevices( rawInputDevices_, 1, sizeof(rawInputDevices) );
    Which from what I have seen should work but RegisterRawInputDevices always returns false and calling GetLastError() returns an error code of 998 (ERROR_NOACCESS) meaning an Invalid access to memory location. I read that the error might have something to do with AntiVirus/Firewall software but disabling my firewall returned the same results.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

    After working on this for about an hour I finally decided to seek some help. Then right after posting I saw my problem... instead of using the RID variable I just created I'm using a member variable which is still sticking around from other attempts.
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