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    Quote Originally Posted by Hussain Hani View Post
    The only problem i'm facing is the the functions and the messages, that's why when I program, I open all my WinAPI32 books as references
    When you can write WIN32 code, without ever refering to MSDN, then you are the uber one.....grasshopper.
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    Quote Originally Posted by novacain
    I suppose it is different when it is your living, to just playing around trying to be 'leet.
    When programming commercial stuff, then performance is usually important. VB is not good at that. But MFC makes almost the same result as Win32 I guess.

    You're kinda right. But VB is not a good thing for beginners, because they really learn writing good code and following standards better in C/C++. I would only use VB for personal tools or little freeware applications.
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