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    JFIF Marker specs

    Hey guys, im trying to decode a raw MJPEG stream, but I cant seem to find a good reference that lists all the marker values and formats. I have a list of the basic ones, FFD8 FFD9 FFE0 FFDB FFC4 FFC0 FFDA , but i need some of the 'extension' ones as well, such as FFE2. Does anyone know of a comprehensive list of the marker values and their meanings. Id prefer something online, but im not against buying a good book as long as it lists the actual values and not just their mnemonic forms. I ran into a lot of references that explain the APP0 marker, but then dont actually give its marker value (FFE0). I need the actual values themselves so i can implement my codec.

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    How much digging have you done already?
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    spent about 10 hours yesterday googling everything I could think of. Specifically, my parser seems to lose frame alignment after it encounters marker 0xFFDA. Ill assume that marker does not have an offset entry, and see if that solves the problem, btu I would like to know if there are other such markers that I have to code for.

    P.S. that search engine you pointed me to didnt yield anything useful either. same stuff, they talk alot about the format but they dont actually give any useful details on the specific marker values other than SOI EOI and APP0.
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    What Ive foudn so far

    This document seems to have gone a long way to fleshing out my symbols list.
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