Thread: How do you only allow one instance of an app?

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    Question How do you only allow one instance of an app?

    Sorry, I'm not all that good at windows programming here.
    But if I am programming for windows 2000/XP the traditional way, how would I prevent the user from initiating multiple instances of my application?

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    #include <windows.h>

    HWND FindWindow(
    LPCTSTR lpClassName, // pointer to class name
    LPCTSTR lpWindowName // pointer to window name

    at startup of your programs try this

    if it returns a window then the app is running close the program.
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    Try this at the begining of your WinMain function

    hMapping = CreateFileMapping((HANDLE)0xffffffff, NULL, PAGE_READONLY, 0, 32, szAppName);
    if (hMapping)		// Check to see if app is already running, if so exit
       if (GetLastError() == ERROR_ALREADY_EXISTS)
           sprintf(sBuffer,"%s is already running.",szAppName);
           MessageBox(NULL, sBuffer,  "Error", MB_ICONERROR | MB_OK);
       MessageBox(NULL, "Error creating file mapping.", "Error",MB_ICONERROR| MB_OK);
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    the normal way of doing this is with mutexes.
    go to msdn and do a search for CreateMutex()
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    And the FAQ is here :-

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    There's quite a good article here -

    about avoiding multiple instances.

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    Simplified way to do it, add the following to the begining of your WinMain.

    HANDLE hMutex;

    hMutex = CreateMutex(NULL, FALSE, "myAppMutex");

    if (hMutex) {

    if (GetLastError() == ERROR_ALREADY_EXISTS) {

    return 0;


    This is just a REAL SIMPLE way of not starting the app if its already running.

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    Thanks for all the help. I went with a FindWindow solution but set my class name to some really long and unique name. I know that this was discredited as having race conditions, but in all fairness, i think the likelihood of such conditions ever arising to be slim to nill. And I don't want to spend that much time on such a simple task.

    Ofcourse, all help was appreciated.

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