Thread: Tracking the mouse on menu items

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    Tracking the mouse on menu items


    In Solitaire, when you hover over the menu items, a string is displayed at the bottom of the window. I'm trying to recreate this feature in a similar card game of mine, but I can't seem to find an efficient way to detect mouse movement in menus.

    I've tried using the WM_NCMOUSEMOVE notification and checking whether the wParam is equal to HTMENU, but that would be tedious as I would have to calculate the position of each menu item.

    Is there any other way to achieve this?


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    Solitare uses a status bar. If I recall correctly, status bars and menu items work pretty well together. It doesn't take that much effort to get the status bar to update when your mouse is over a menu item.
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    I can think of two methods to accomplish this, both seem a bit ineffecient to though:

    1) Use GetMenuState to constantly check which of your menuitems is currently highlighted, then take appropriate action.

    2) Use MenuItemFromPoint in conjunction with GetCursorPos and constantly check if the cursor is located on a menuitem, and take appropriate action.

    I'd say #1 is more effecient (if it could be called that...) but it only checks for highlighting, whereas #2 checks if the cursor is over a menuitem (regardless of whether it is highlighted or not).

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    Ah right, I forgot about status bars (I was drawing a filled RECT). I found this function, which does exactly what I want (and is easily adaptable to string tables!)

    Thanks for the help!

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