Thread: BitBlt(); 's parameters

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    BitBlt(); 's parameters

    I'm making a memory HDC( screen buffer) and I understand everything excepthow to use BitBlt(); . I looked on MSDN \and it says its parameter's but most of them are coordnates and all. How would I find out what these coordinates are with 2 compatiable DCs(made using CreateCompatableDC(); .) Any help is much apprieciated.


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    If your buffer is the same dimensions as your client area, then you'll want to do

    BitBlt(hdcDest,0,0,clientwidth,clientheight,hdcSrc ,0,0,SRCCOPY);

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    Thank you very much

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    Can also use



    HGDIOBJ = Your bitmap;
    int = sizeof(BITMAP);
    BITMAP = &Bitmap

    BITMAP is a structure that will be filled with the details of the bitmap including width and height.
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