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    Parse a file

    I have a file called "db.ini" which contains a list of ilenames that all end with '0'. I want to parse this data and find and remove the '0' and then store the new filenames in a vector of strings. This is the code i have so far but i am having a bit of trouble with making it loop onto the next file. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated:

    LPCVOID buffer[9999];
    char TempBuffer[sizeof(buffer)] = "";
    HANDLE hFile1;
    DWORD size;
    LPCSTR FileName;
    vector<LPCSTR> FileNames;
    LPCSTR Parse()
      char text[sizeof(buffer)] = "";
      memcpy(TempBuffer, &buffer, sizeof(buffer));    
      for (x = 0; x != sizeof(TempBuffer); x++)
             text[x] = TempBuffer[x];
             if (text[x] == '0')
                         text[x] = text[x + '0'];
                         FileName = text;
                         FileName = text;
    hFile1 = CreateFile("db.ini", GENERIC_READ, 0, NULL, OPEN_EXISTING, 0, NULL);
    size = GetFileSize(hFile1, NULL);
    ReadFile(hFile1, &buffer, size, &dwNumRead, NULL);
    [EDIT] Forgot to mention it gets the first name of the filenames in "db.ini" ok[/EDIT]
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    > LPCVOID buffer[9999];
    What's this got to do with anything?

    In short, why aren't you using the standard C++ streams to read a line at a time into a std::string, rather than trying to pre-optimise everything by reading the whole file into a big dumb buffer which might not be big enough to begin with.

    > text[x] = text[x + '0'];
    Replace a character with a character which is 48 places away ???
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