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    Resource File Fun...

    Ha, well let's see here...

    I'm using MSVC Express 2005 and as everyone knows (except me at the time) it doesnt have a resource editor. It compiles them and such but you have to write them on your own. Now...

    If someone could point me in the right direction as far as writing your own resource files, i've scoured google but cant seem to find a good one, and/or good editors for resource files that would be great!

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    Forger's Intro to Resources
    MSDN: Resource Compiler
    And any simple text editor should do the trick for writing them, though I personally recommend Code::Blocks.

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    You could use a free-standing resource editor like XN Resource Editor as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nurfina
    Can anyone sugest a program for creating cursor resources to add to a resource file?

    Thanks in advance
    You obviously didn't bother trying out the resource editor suggested by OnionKnight. There's also the ancient but still functional 'symantec resource editor' (nre?) - search this board and/or the web if you want to track it down.

    PellesC comes equipped with a built-in resource editor, too.

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