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    Digital Certificates - Vista

    Thank you for viewing my post in advance.

    The program I develop is created using the C++ language. When customers try to run the programs Setup.exe to install the program the first thing that pops up is a User Account Control message as follows:

    User Account Control
    An unidentified program wants to access your computer
    Unidentified Publisher
    Cancel - I don't know where this program is from or what its for
    Allow - I trust this program.  I know where it's from or I've used it before
    If the user clicks Allow the program runs fine. I want to have Vista recognize my program as a trusted application so it doesn't display this message to the customer. I believe there is a way to do this with Digital Certificates? If so where do I start? Does anybody have suggestions?

    I am not sure if this question is in the proper place for this board so thank you for being patient and for you help.


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    Digital Certificates cost a fortune.
    However, you might find somthing at

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    Thank you.

    I am not sure digital certificates is even the way to solve this problem. Thank you for the information. Any other suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.


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