Thread: Application(GUI) and sockets(other blocking things)

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    Application(GUI) and sockets(other blocking things)

    Hello to all, I have a "general" question.
    I write a program that interacts with Internet (C++, WinApi (including GUI), Sockets).
    How I can interact sockets answers (connect, receive, etc) with my application.
    Mmm... I 'm talking about threads, maybe, I don't know how "in general" I can do it.
    True OOP solutions would be great.
    im from LMoldovaZ

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    I know java's implementations of Sockets is highly OO and nice to use, but if it's a winapi solution you're looking for, WinSock might be a good place to start looking.

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    On the low-level, such stuff is done using threads. You typically reserve the main thread for the GUI, doing all processing that lasts a noticeable time in the background. Exception: processes that must not be interrupted by the user, such as saving and loading.
    But network connections are definitely things for the background.
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