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    MSVC project question


    I'm working on a solution that has 2 applications that depend each on another. (2 programs)

    What I want to do is a multiproject inside a solution (more projects). Im unsure how to do this - some source files are the same for both applications. Is there any tutorial that shows this or you know of any sample solution that uses that kind of approach?

    I'm first time doing that kind of project, so any help would be much appreciated!

    Should I just create 2 projects in my solution and thats all?

    Best regards and thanks for help

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    Well a solution is a collection of projects as far as I know, so it seems like a good idea to me.
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    I would put the common files in the 3rd project - static library and will use it in both "main" projects
    all 3 project would be put into the same solution
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