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    Question C in Windows?


    I think the most popular tool for C or C++ in Windows is Visual C++.

    But, I wonder, are there many programmers who write codes in C with VC++ or other tools, like cygwin, dev-c++?

    I'm in a project about programming languages, so I need to know how many people use C in Windows.


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    I dont think that there would be anyone that doesnt use C. although they may use the OOP style that comes with C++ there will always be times when C will be easier to use that C++ and has advantages over it. I asume most people would use both C and C++, like myself.
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    We use C, no ++. All .c files no .cpp's

    Speed and conversion to DSP. I have to mesh with others work so the GUI is written in C using Win32 API on MSVC v6.
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    I don't write Windows software at all. But at university we used C, C++ and even ASM for creating Windows apps, often in combination with MFC.

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