Thread: How to resume thread at the specific time instance?

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    Smile How to resume thread at the specific time instance?

    Dear all,

    I met one problem about resuming the thread. The thread function init() should be executed when the thread test_thread() is resumed. However, it is never done by my following snippet of code as follows. I don't know where the problem is. Can you help me a little?

    Thanks in advance,



    // Include relevant libs.
    #include "windows.h"
    //global vars.
    HANDLE Handle_1 = 0;
    DWORD WINAPI init()
    void test_thread(void)
    	DWORD dwThreadId;
    	Handle_1 = CreateThread( NULL, 0, init, NULL, CREATE_SUSPENDED, &dwThreadId );
    int main() 
         ResumeThread( Handle_1 );

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    Your code looks roughly correct, although there are a couple of issues that may or may not be present in your actual code.
    1. The required signature for a thread function is: DWORD WINAPI ThreadProc(LPVOID lpParameter);
    2. If there is nothing stopping it, the main function may finish and exit the process before the second thread gets a chance to run. You could stop this by waiting until the second thread has finished before exiting main. You can do this using WaitForSingleObject(Handle_1).

    If neither of these solves the problem, maybe you could post a minimal compilable example that demonstrates the problem.

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