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    Resource question

    Hey guys,

    I am trying to learn Windows programming. I found theForgers tutorial and I had a question about it. It says that in the resources.h header file you have to assign an integer to each resource when you define it, like...

    #define IDR_MYMENU 101
    #define IDI_MYICON 201
    #define ID_FILE_EXIT 9001
    #define ID_STUFF_GO 9002
    Are the number completely random? Can I enter anything (aside from negative numbers or decimals)? Is there a limit? Thanks.

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    They aren't random, but they are arbitrary. However, there probably is some reserved area, I think below 100, for the system. Also, the upper limit might be as low as ~32000 (2^15-1), but that's only a worst-case scenario.
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