Thread: handle for getdlgitemtext (Where is it)

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    handle for getdlgitemtext (Where is it)

    Were do get the handle for this function?

    ???, // handle of dialog box
    IDC_EDIT1, // identifier of control
    newname, // address of buffer for text
    50 // maximum size of string


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    You should have a function for your dialog, you should also have a handle in there like this:

    BOOL Dialog(HWND hWnd, UINT message, WPARAM wParam, LPARAM lParam)
    case WM_COMMAND:
    case IDOK:
    	TCHAR szBuffer[60];
                    GetDlgItemText(hWnd, IDC_NUM1, szBuffer, strlen(buffer);
    	MessageBox(hWnd, buffer, "Num1 Edit", MB_ICONOK);
    	EndDialog(hWnd, 0);
    	return FALSE;
    Somthing like that anyway, you should adapt it for your program, as you can see the HWND param to the Dlg proc is a handle to your dialog, if you dont have a prodecure then you have phraphs created it wrong. You should call your dialog and specify it to a spefic prodecure like this:

    DialogBoxParam(GetModuleHandle(NULL), MAKEINTRESOURCE(IDD_DLG), 
    		NULL, (DLGPROC)Dialog, 0);

    There may be another way of doing this but thats how i do it and it works

    Give it a go anyway,
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    Erhmm...GetDlgItemText doesn't take a takes an ID. If you didn't use a resource script to make your dialog, use GetWindowText()

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    GetDlgItemText() does take a HANDLE (HWND) and an int resource ID.

    If created on the fly (as opposed to in the resource editor) the HMENU param is cast as the control / dialog ID.

    GetForegroundWindow() will return the HWND of the window / dialog that has focus (is being used).

    For more look up "Window Functions" in MSDN SDK.
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