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    Windows Programming C++

    Does anyone know any links or books on where to learn about windows application(gui) programming? I'm very interested in learning this, been searching on google but all I found was the code to show the window. For starting, I would like to know how to make buttons, labels, picturebox, progressbars, have actions for these objects etc... Also I would be willing to learn in some way where it could be portable across platforms (linux)

    Help appreciated. Thanks

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    Moved to Windows.


    Window programming links.
    CProgramming FAQ
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    wxWidgets if you want cross platform, Win32 or MFC if you don't. There are more choices but it basically comes down to this.

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    Don't re-invent the wheel.

    If your talking about wanting to learn the actual code that goes into creating a windows window, a button and all that stuff then you are just setting yourself up for a major headache.

    I stick with C++ and all it takes for me to make all that stuff is a few mouse clicks and a drag and drop action. Of course I use Visual C++ 2005 because it automates all of the redundant coding for creating boxes, labels, checkboxes and everything else you mentioned.

    If you want to jump right in I would suggest you give it a try. It's free and there are a few videos to help get you started.

    Here is the download link.
    Here are a few videos to help get you started.
    Even more videos to help you get started.
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    Not reinventing the wheel is different from understanding how the wheel works.
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    Ok, I see what you mean. When I fist started getting into it I also wanted to learn all the code, line by line so I could understand how it works. I don't have any links but I can recommend you a book. It's a long read (I actually only read the first few chapters before I got a general understanding of it). Programming Windows 5th Edition
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    follow the tutorials right here at cprogramming. com (go to the main page and click on the links to the left). If you've never programmed in C or C++, learn it first before getting into the GUI stuff. It'll only take a day or two to go through these tuts and get familiarized with it. I suggest this because any tutorials that teach GUI will assume that you've had previous experience and it won't explain anything that can be explained in those tutorials (and I assume you want lots of explanation to learn how it works)

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