Thread: global program in cmd.exe / bin? / PATH?

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    global program in cmd.exe / bin? / PATH?

    Hey you know in linux you can type "ls" in a shell and it will exec the ls script that lists files/folders blah blah. Anyways, you can call that in any dir.

    I wrote a c++ file that does the same thing as 'cat' in linux, but I want to be able to call 'cat myfile.txt' anywhere within the windows shell cmd / and it will execute my program.

    Is there any possible way to do this? Does it have something to do with the registry / PATH or a windows-like bin?

    Yes, I know there are *nix shell ports for win32 out there, but I'd like to use my own scripts.

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    open cmd
    set path

    if you put your program in one of the listed directories it wil be found by windows aotomatically
    if you enter the envirounment settings and add the directory with your program to to list of the PATH variable the program also will be found automatically

    Note that the directories are searched in the order they are listed, so naming a program as some system program can be potentially dangerous
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