Thread: Destroying windows created by other processes

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    It has to be a same thread thing, that one's still remote (going through loadlibrary). My idea, was that you actually do a detour style redirect and hook some api that you know would be called with the window you're trying to kill, like createwindowex, begin paint, etc. and then you'll place you're alternate code and have the owning thread call it itself. Good article:

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    There's a findfunc.cpp example in the MS Detours library that looks like it can be modified to call the DestroyWindow function in the remote process.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tonto
    A) Microsoft Windows XP and earlier: The SetWindowLongPtr function fails if the window specified by the hWnd parameter does not belong to the same process as the calling thread.
    In that case, would this work?: Create an child window, in that window you are trying to close, then set it's callback to close the window you want to close. Then send the child the message to do so. So basicly, That threads own window would be telling it to close, you'r just putting it there.

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