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    HTML commands

    Can anybody tell me how can you run windows files from an html file. I might add i dont know how to do html so an eg might help me.

    Another ques.
    i was seeing a source of a webpage and it there were these commands.


    can you tell me the difference between the three as they all try to close the webpage??

    any help would be appreciated..

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    If i understand you correctly you are talking about HTML not c++?

    If you were then i dont think you can run them automatically from a html page for security reasons. Though i think you can make an ancoured link to open a file located on the clients machine.

    Somthing like this:

    PHP Code:
    <!-- Opens Drive C: --!>
    a href="file://c:\">Open Your C: Drive!!!</a>

    <!-- Opens File On C: Not tested this but the above works --!>
    <a href="
    file://c:\simplest_lang_ever.exe">Opens .exe file</a> 
    Oops just rembered for complete security stuff the above wont work, say if you sent someone a trojan then made a page to open it and get it running, m$ just cant do that lol.

    So you cant run files but you can open folders for listings.

    PART 2:


    Hmmm that to me looks largly like javascript, infact yes it is!!!! lol.

    They all do the same thing i think, been a long time since i last looked over my java books though ,

    Parent.close will simply close the main parent window, say you run that from a child window, if that makes sense with html, it will close its parent.

    window.close will close the current window.

    window.parent.close() i aint to sure to be honest but i dont think you would need to use it....

    Hope That Helps a bit...

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    thanks TNT

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