Thread: C Under Windows Problem

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    Thank You I Have Got That What I Was trying To Do
    Quote Originally Posted by anonytmouse
    No, for the reasons pointed out by vart. In my example, the size of the array is 512, and GetWindowText will return a maximum of 512 characters, as indicated by the last argument.

    If you need to return an unknown number of characters and therefore can not use a fixed size array, you can allocate memory dynamically. This function shows how to do that:
    char* AllocAndGetText(HWND hwndControl)
    	int count = GetWindowTextLength(hwndControl);
    	char* result = malloc(count * sizeof(char));
    	if (result != NULL)
    		GetWindowText(hwndControl, result, count);
    	return result;
    and the function would be used in the following manner:
    char* edit_text = AllocAndGetText(hwndEdit);
    /* Use text in edit_text */
    /* Free memory when you're done with it. */
    However, usually there is a reasonable maximum number of characters you would expect and you can use an array.

    This tutorial is very good if you haven't seen it.
    char* result = malloc(count * sizeof(char));
    Didn't Work
    I Used
    char *result = (char *) malloc(count * sizeof(char));
    But It Gets 1 Character less That The Text In The textbox

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    Quote Originally Posted by neel_basu
    But It Gets 1 Character less That The Text In The textbox
    You need 1 more character for the Null-symbol
    All problems in computer science can be solved by another level of indirection,
    except for the problem of too many layers of indirection.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CornedBee
    This ain't MFC ...
    Yes, my mistake, I did'nt read the first post thoroughly

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