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    Windows Graphics

    I've seen programs where the border and controls on the title bar are created with graphics(one program i know is Sonique, an mp3 player). How could I go about making my own graphics classes for windows and such? Help anyone?

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    Do you mean just "designing" and creating child windows? Please specify...
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    he's saying that he wants a window that:

    1) looks like it's been drawn completely by him (ie, not a standard window) with his own buttons in the title (if he wants a title bar at all)
    2) possible a window that isn't the normal shape (ie, not rectangular).

    you need to draw/create your own pictures onto a windows device context (that covers the whole window) if you want to have snazzy look as opposed to the standard windows look and feel.

    if you want to have a window that's a different shape, then look up window regions (HRGN), and when you've figure out how to create a region of the right shape that you want for the window, then use SetWindowRegion()

    good luck
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    I am doing this with my programs. I have "skinned" most of my newest ones. Just make the main window's style like this:

    // Some code
    WS_POPUP, // Window style
    // Some code

    Justmake it as themain window. Create an image for your title bar, minize, maximize, and close buttons. I might attach a pic of my program a little later


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