Thread: Loading TGAs into CImage

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    Loading TGAs into CImage

    i wanted a program to quickly convert bunch of image files into another format(ex. bmp to jpg). So i added that functionality to the msdn sample "SimpleImage" (modified) - goto Tools>Convert Multiple Files.

    But now i have this set of TGA files that i want to convert to JPGs, but the GetExporterFilterString() function does not return TGA as an available image format (program uses CImage library). so CImage::Load() fails when trying to load TGAs. Does anyone know a way to load TGAs into an CImage object?

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    I would inherit my clas from the CImage and implement its fuctions for the TGA format using something like
    for the source information...
    For all other formats I would call the base-class functions
    To be or not to be == true

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