Thread: precompiled header compiled as C++ when I want C

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    precompiled header compiled as C++ when I want C

    I'm using Visual C++ 2005 Express and I'm trying to compile my simple test Windows program to see if DrawDibDraw works as expected, but I got dozens of errors since I'm using C code as a C++ file (file reading and writing wasn't working, my struct didn't work, and other strange things. I renamed the file to a C file and now I'm left with one error that I don't know how to fix and it's not an error in my code.

    c:\my documents\my programs\first windows app\first windows app\first windows app.c(13) : fatal error C1853: 'Debug\First Windows app.pch' precompiled header file is from a previous version of the compiler, or the precompiled header is C++ and you are using it from C (or vice versa)
    I originally was using C++ but due to the numerous errors I was getting, I went with C. The fix is to somehow recompile the precompiled header but how do you do that?
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    Turn off pre-compiled headers in the project settings.
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