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    i have a panel with 4 check boxes: A, B, C, D.

    if A is checked, i want to loop through the panel and deselect B, C, D.

    is this possible?

    right now i have

    if (A = Checked)

    b = unchecked
    c = unchecked
    d = unchecked

    of course the method up there is inconvenient and time consuming, so instructions on how to loop through panels would be great. thanks.
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    i'm using

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    This is the wrong forum for this question, it is Windows related stuff.

    Sure, there is a way, but your approach also has a GUI design problem: it's considered a bad design to make a GUI control behave in an unexpected way, in this case a checkbox (intended for multiple selections) doing the job of a radiobutton (intended for mutually exclusive choices).

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    I'll reiterate that this is the wrong forum, but in Windows Forms, checkboxes can be set to behave like radiobuttons, when the checkboxes are contained in the same group (ie, the same panel, group box, etc). So you don't need to do any of that looping stuff, unless you really want to. Which also means it's not a design problem, since its a function of the GUI lib.

    Also, it's Windows Forms, not forums.
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