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    Child windows

    I'm planning on writing a game engine and i'm stumped at the first step.
    I want my engine to have 4 child windows, equal in size, and cemetrical, like:

    CW CW
    CW CW

    (CW = child window)

    Sort of thing

    Can anyone help me?

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    Get the size of the parent window. Divide the length and width by 2, set the size of your windows to those values.

    Side note: Your in trouble if you didn't already know this.

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    Depending on what you want each child to do and what you are using (MFC, WIN32 C/C++ ect).....

    Look at MDI (Multiple Document Interface)
    [creating a base CW class to derive each diff one from?]

    Splitter Windows (may work depending on you app...)

    If you want to create 4 children look at

    GetWindowRect() //gets the whole window inc borders
    GetClientRect() //just the bit you can use
    ScreenToClient() //from the top left of the screen to the TL of your window

    AdjustWindowRect() //resizes a window so you have a set size client/useable area
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