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    Smile DirectX Book For No Graphics Experience...


    I want to learn DirectX but i cant find a good book anywhere, can someone reccomend a book, i would like one that covers directx 8 if possible and also one that assumes you are a complete beginner with games/directx programming. I am very familliar with the api now but as i said nothing yet with opengl or directx.
    So any good books that i can get hold of easily that take the newbi graphics programmer into fairly far in directx.

    Thanks for any suggestions.

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    Tricks of the Windows Game Programming Gurus by Andre Lamothe...

    I think it covers 7.0, but DX is backwardly compatible so its a good start...

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    Learn Game Programming With DirectX 8.0 is another good one.. can't remember who wrote it though

    it only teaches 2D stuff
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    DirectX Complete

    I forget who wrote it. It was gonna get it but I got a different one instead. I plan on returning to get it though.

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