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    enabling disabled controls

    hey all,
    say I have a few controls on a dialog that I have set to disabled (the controls are disabled, not the dialog). when the user clicks a specific radio button, I would like to enable these controls. here are the details of the controls:

    1. a group box.
    2. static text.
    3. a combo box.
    4. a check box.
    5. another check box.

    all of those controls are set to disabled, but as I said I'd like to enable them all when the user makes a certain selection out of a group of radio buttons.

    I am just wondering what message I could send these controls to do this? I know I could send it with SendDlgItemMessage, but I simply don't know exactly what message could do this (I tried WS_ENABLED, but got an error from the compiler, I guess thats not a message and instead a window style).

    also, since this is all based on user selection, I could also use the message used to manually disable these controls (say if the user selects the first radio button and it enables these controls, and then they select another button, it would be ideal if I could disable these controls again).

    could anyone please help me out with the messages I am looking for? thank you in advance.
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    Have you tried GetDlgItem + EnableWindow?
    PS. WS_... is a style WM_... is a window message that can be sent.
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