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    Question Password recovery program..

    I'm trying to make a small program to unhide passwords from asterick-riddled edit boxes. I decided to make it because, well, the other day I admittedly forgot one of my passwords and after downloading a program to unhide the password for Outlook express (and other programs) I decided it was a Godsent.

    Idealy I would like the user to click a button in the system tray (I have that part sorted) and my program would sort through all of the Windows loaded, check for edit boxes and set the password character as nothing..

    Anywho, now I'm out to make my own. I've looked at one persons source code and it seems to lock up? See.. it uses EnumWindows(); to go through every window and then use EnumChildWindows(); ? Then sends a message telling it to unset a password character.

    As you can guess, this is EXTREMELY unclear, can anyone explain how it would be done and what functions I need? Any tutorials, example source code - anything!

    After asking in the #WinProg channel I was almost banned for being a "h4x0r".. I hope you guys are more mature and realise that this program really could have a good use.

    Thanks for any help whatsoever,

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    I saw a program that does something like what you are talking about. I saw the program at ...

    Good luck,

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