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    Question Setup/Installation programs

    HI, I am making a database application using MFC for a company, but the application requires an ODBC data source (an access file) to be setup in Control Panel. Ideally I would like this stage to be automatic during the installation of the program. I am about to learn how to use an installation program / api like iShield or Wise installer, can you tell me if these or orther installers have this feature please? Alternatively, is there any way I can use an access based database in a program without setting up the database as a data source, such as reading the access file from the same directory as the program?


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    database location at runtime

    Can you use dao. I know how to do it with dao but not with ODBC. With dao you must include afxdao.h

    In dao you just do the following

    CDaoDatabase db;

    db.Open( strPathAndFilename );

    CDaoMyRecordset rs( &db );

    now your recordset has the right path.....

    Perhaps there may be something similar in odbc.....

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