Thread: sharing event objects across processes

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    sharing event objects across processes

    im currently learning how to share objects across processes.. eg. using
    the same named event for different programs..

    in this note, how can i know which program signaled a program..

    say progX , progV, progW have the ability to signal progY.. once
    progY is signaled..
    I would like to find out who signaled progY in the first place.

    i tried looking in msdn but i cannot find a useful return handle to the object
    that signaled the event.. is there a way to find out which program signaled
    the event?

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    You can create event per program: evProgX, evProgV, evProgW
    each prog will signal its own event

    in the process that waits for this you will use WaitForMultipleObject given it the array of handles...
    When some event occurs you will know exactly who was initiator of it.
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