Thread: Obtaining a value from a text box

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    Obtaining a value from a text box

    I'm working with MSVC++. I have a GUI with button and a text box. When I push the button the function CDLG::OnButtonPush() gets executed. This in turn calls the function SomeFunction(). The text box on my GUI has a value, say, 12.0 "held" in it. How do I get the function SomeFunction(), or CDLG::OnButtonPush() for that matter, to use the value held in the text box?

    Here is some of my code:

    void CDLG::OnButtonPush() 
    void CDLG::OnEnChangeEdit1()
    	// TODO:  If this is a RICHEDIT control, the control will not
    	// send this notification unless you override the CDialog::OnInitDialog()
    	// function and call CRichEditCtrl().SetEventMask()
    	// with the ENM_CHANGE flag ORed into the mask.
    	// TODO:  Add your control notification handler code here

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    Is this MFC or does it only look like it?

    In MFC dialogs, you call UpdateData with the right TRUE/FALSE parameter (can never remember) to synchronize the contents of the box with the member representing it. Then you just use the result.

    In non-MFC, you send a WM_GETTEXT message to the box.
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