Thread: Windows Defines - Screwing Stuff Up?

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    Windows Defines - Screwing Stuff Up?

    I am trying to make some wrappers and stuff, and stuff is being stoopid.

    class wrapper
            example SendMessage( blah, blah blah );
    But, of course, SendMessage is defined as SendMessageA or SendMessageW. I've thought about it for a little, and I'm not sure if this would mess anything up or not. As long as everything is consistent and falls into the wide-char or ansi things consistently across the project, it shouldn't mess things up. I mean, I don't think, should it? Does it even warrant a workaround?

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    That depends on what you're doing with strings and whether you're #defining UNICODE and _UNICODE. Provided you're consistent, use _T or TEXT macros for string literals and TCHAR arrays or, arguably better since you're coding in c++, typedef, for example a std::basic_string<TCHAR> alias to resolve to std::string or std::wstring depending on the #definition of UNICODE then it shouldn't be an issue.
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    I'd say yes, the Windows defines can mess up stuff here. For example, if your header files are clean enough that they don't have their own #include <windows.h>, then you can run into real problems if some code includes the class header after windows.h and some code includes it before, or doesn't include windows.h at all. Suddenly the functions have different names.

    The easiest thing to do, IMO, is follow either a camelCase convention for functions or a K&R convention. In other words, call the thing sendMessage or send_message.
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