Thread: Formatting of code for DLL creation

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    Formatting of code for DLL creation


    I have problems writting my .cpp file in the right format for DLL building. I would like to create a .DLL file from my .cpp file and have some problems with the formatting of the file. Please help me understand what I am doing wrong with the format, as well as with the placement of the DLLMAIN method for DLL entry point


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    1) Don't post pages of code.
    2) Windows specific, please move.
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    3) Indent or nobody will read your code.
    Originally Posted by brewbuck:
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    This is the second board I've seen that horrid mess posted on.

    Forums are places for you to show effort and get assistance with your own work.
    They're not dumping grounds for you to post whole programs you found with a simple "please fix it for me" tagline.
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