Thread: Exiting a thread from outside the thread ?

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    Exiting a thread from outside the thread ?

    I have the code as follows,

    for (;;) {
    	if (side == computer)
    	DWORD Id;
    	HANDLE hThread = CreateThread(0, 0, think, pcon, 0, &Id);
    if (input == quit)
    //I want to exit the above thread from outside the thread
    So is it possible to exit the thread from outside that thread please?

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    There are a couple of ways. Most direct is the TerminateThread function. This is basically brute-force kill the thread, no questions asked. Note that this is NOT recommended a number of reasons: for C++ code because the destructors of any classes that were created in the thread will not be called, for code that could be manipulating a DLL (it wouldn't be closed), for code that might have a file or other resource open (it wouldn't be released), etc.

    Another way is to create an event object before you create the thread, give the thread function a pointer to the object, and have the thread check the event periodically (can be done with a while loop) and return when the event signals. Then the parent thread can keep the event object handy and signal it when (in this case) input==quit.

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