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    WM_KEYDOWN in dialog app...

    I've created a dialog window with a modified "static text" which should show how many times a button (C in this case) is pressed by checking it with a WM_KEYDOWN message by using the OnKeyDown()-function. The problem is that nothing is showed on the dialog screen.

    void CTry_5Dlg::OnKeyDown(UINT nChar, UINT nRepCnt, UINT nFlags) 
    	// TODO: Add your message handler code here and/or call default
    	char lsChar;
    	lsChar = char(nChar);
    	if (lsChar == 'C') {
    		m_iCount.Format("%d", count);
    	CDialog::OnKeyDown(nChar, nRepCnt, nFlags);
    Can anyone explain how I should solve this problem?

    (Yes, I'm a newbie in VC++)
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