I'm trying to create a DLL in VC++ 6 with the NT DDK for Win2K using the ntddk.h header file. The only functions I'm using are Ke386SetIoAccessMap, Ke386QueryIoAccessMap,and Ke386SetAccessProcess. When I got to compile I get 5 errors, each listing errors in the ntddk.h file.
C2146 missing ';' before identifier 'Lock'
C2501 PULONG_PTR missing storage-class or type specifier
C2501 'Lock' missing storage-class or typer speficier
C2146 missing ';' before identifier KSPIN_Lock
C1004 unexpected end of file found

This is my first time to use the DDK and creating DLL's so I bet it's something obvious.
FYI, ntddk.h is the only header file included, is there any other that needs to be?

Also, with all commands commented out(no code inside the function) I still get the exact same errors, I assume I'm missing an include?

Thanks for any help!